10 Quarantine-Friendly Date Night Ideas

10 Quarantine-Friendly Date Night Ideas hailey gardiner takeout drive through

Who says that date night has to be boring just because we’re all sticking a little closer to home?!

I look forward to and LOVE our weekly date nights, and it’s been super fun to get creative around how we spend quality time together.

Cayden and I trade off planning our dates every week, so I wanted to share some of the fun and hilarious activities we’ve resorted to during this COVID-19 quarantine and period of social distancing!

10 Quarantine-Friendly Date Night Ideas:

1. Have a spelling bee.

This idea came to us one night as we both tried to spell something out loud and couldn’t!

10 Quarantine-Friendly Date Night Ideas hailey gardiner takeout drive through spelling bee

We laughed so hard quizzing each other from this list of words and both failed MISERABLY!

(Please notice how I legitimately misspelled the TITLE on my first spelling quiz…heaven help us all.)

2. Get takeout to support a favorite or new local restaurant.

We’ve been eating out a couple times a week, both to give me a break from cooking 3 meals a day and in an effort to support some of our favorite local businesses!

A quarantine-friendly date night is the perfect time to pick up some Indian, Thai, or sushi to go, or keep it simple by embracing the drive-through or getting delivery from one of your favorite spots.

3. Have a s’mores night!

My in-laws gave us the coolest little propane powered fire pit that we busted out this week that we used to roast marshmallows and make s’mores in our backyard!

You could also make s’mores on the grill, or even throw together a s’mores dip using a cast iron skillet in the oven. So tasty and fun!

4. Teach a new skill or share a hobby with each other.

My sweet husband decided that there was no better time than the present to ask me for ukulele lessons, and he is by far the cutest student I have ever had!

We still need to trade off and have him teach me about something that he enjoys as well.

5. Movie Night.

This might be every night in your house right now, but for a movie-theater-ritual-loving couple like us, we still love sitting down and watching a good movie together!

We ordered takeout popcorn from our local movie theater and brought it home, which helped bring the movie theater vibes to our living room when we can’t physically go see a movie at the theater.

They even gave us A TINY TUB OF BUTTER on the side! Loved it!

6. Build something together out of LEGO.

This is one we still have on our list and haven’t tried yet, but how fun does that sound?!

7. Harry Potter Origami. Yes. This exists.

Though this activity caused much contention as we tried to master the complex artful folds of the first two “beginner” origami in this Harry Potter Origami Book, we still had fun trying something totally new together.

10 Quarantine-Friendly Date Night Ideas hailey gardiner takeout drive through harry potter origami

Hours of entertainment for less than $8. Quality, I tell you!

8. Go for a walk or a hike.

This is something we do together almost every day now, but if you had a specific hike or trail you wanted to explore, this would make a great date night activity.

I love walking or hiking together because it gives us uninterrupted time to talk and enjoy the sunshine and beauty around us!

9. Do an art project together.

For one of our recent dates, we busted out the watercolors and turned on some music while we painted together.

We are not crafty by any means, but it’s always still relaxing to embrace our wanna-be inner artists!

10. Dance Party!

You can throw on some music and dance together in the car, in your kitchen, or on the back porch.

Sometimes the best way to relieve stress is to just dance it out! We always laugh so hard making up stupid dance moves together and I love a good slow dance around the kitchen.

Well, there you have it! I hope this inspires you to keep dating your significant other.

Now’s an awesome time to plan creative dates when you can’t do the things that you’ve always done! You never know, you might discover something new that will go on to become a date night tradition.