30 Days of Gratitude – An Invitation

hailey gardiner 30 days of gratitude november 2019 an invitation to live a more grateful life

As we approach the busy holiday season, we can sometimes get so caught up in the pursuit of “more” that we forget to pause and appreciate what we already have!

Practicing gratitude has become a beautiful, healing experience for me, and I’m so excited to invite you to join me on a 30 day journey to live a more grateful life!

Together, we will be dedicating the month of November to improving our overall outlook, seeking and recognizing the good, and expressing gratitude in natural and simple ways.

Starting on November 1, I’ll be sending out daily emails outlining simple ways we can focus and express our gratitude for the abundance in our lives.

Sign up HERE to receive these daily emails from me for 30 days and let’s unlock the power of gratitude together!