My Story

Hey y’all! I’m Hailey!

A John Mayer, Harry Potter, and chocolate loving author and musician. I love writing music, playing guitar, and singing, and you may know me best as the oldest member of the Gardiner Sisters. I’ve always dreamed of writing books as epic as the ones I grew up reading, and have lots of stories knocking around in my head that end up in my songs.

After graduating from High School, I said goodbye to our home in Charlotte, North Carolina and spent four years living the Aloha life, basking in the island sunshine of Hawaii while earning my bachelor’s degree in International Cultural Studies. It was just as awesome as it sounds.

I moved back to the mainland and continued to work as musician alongside my sisters, but suddenly found it hard to keep my chill under the pressures of churning out constant content, performing and touring, and trying and failing to be perfect at everything in my life. I developed vocal dysphonia and severe anxiety, which caused me to physically lose my speaking and singing voice, and my passion for music and creating in general.

Over the past few years, I’ve been on a journey to find my voice again. To discover what I’m really made of. To nurture my creative spirit. And most importantly, to experience moments of joyful expression without expectation.

My life is now full of things I value most. I have found ways to create joyfully without being paralyzed by fear, perfectionism, and anxiety. And let me tell ya- IT FEELS AWESOME!

“I want to offer resources and support for artists like me who are looking to live a balanced, fulfilling, and meaningful life. Using a holistic approach to creativity, I hope to inspire you to seek frequent moments of joyful expression and inspiration, as well as empower you to fearlessly add value to the world through your art and music.”

I want to keep it real when it comes to topics like balance, mental and emotional health, limiting beliefs, relationships, creativity and joy, as well as share practical tips that I hope will help you get started and eventually thrive as an artist.

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This is only the beginning of a great adventure, so let’s get creative! It’s what we were designed to do.