Someday I’ll go back to Alaska…

I wrote this song about what I imagine the last frontier to be like (since I’ve actually yet to visit) so I could travel there in my mind. I hope this song takes you there, too.

Listen to Alaska on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, or your other favorite platform.

A special thank you goes out to my friends Chris + Chelsea for providing the gorgeous footage of their home state of Alaska for the music video! Check out Chris’s aviation channel Angle of Attack for more.

I also put together a wanderlust playlist to inspire your gypsy hearts to explore. Though we may not be able to travel abroad any time soon, we can get swept away by songs at any time, anywhere.

Recording and releasing these new songs has been so cathartic for me. Thank you for listening. Thank you for still being here and riding this creative wave with me. Can’t wait to continue to share these stories with you.