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One of my favorite things about this pregnancy has been getting to play music for our little growing baby!

I read somewhere that he has been listening in to my guitar playing and singing for months now, and with that in mind, I’ve tried to play specific songs just for him each day that I hope he’ll recognize when he’s born.

This song, “Bloom” by The Paper Kites is one that I love to play for the baby!

Listen to our cover of “Bloom” on Spotify:

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My sisters Lindsay and Abby were sweet enough to record it with me so that our little boy will grow up listening to his mama and aunties sing this song just for him.

The lyrics of this song felt really ironic (and yet so appropriate!) to sing during this time of social distancing and not being able to be around each other as much as we’d like.

But what better time to find ways to BLOOM? To be emotionally close to each other even if we are physically distanced?

I hope this new song brings a smile to your face as you listen!