Celebrating Others

Will you accept this rose?

Today, I’m celebrating you, friend!

For some, life can feel a little…

What’s the word?




But I want to encourage you to shift your mindset a little bit.

Instead of focusing on how loved you may or may not be by the special someone you may or may not have, why don’t we try to focus on loving others?

As my girl Oprah says, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate.”

Let’s celebrate each other!

In one of my favorite books, The Artist’s Way, the author discusses how success occurs in clusters.

True success means we’re lifting others up above ourselves.

Helping each other out.

Offering encouragement and support.

Celebrating the success of others only sweetens your own success.

When I launched my website and started releasing new music, I got a text from one of my friends, a fellow female artist:

“I just wanted to say I’m SO proud of you and I’m very excited for you and your new project! I pray God will bless you and your new venture immensely. You deserve it,” she said.


I want to be that kind of friend!

This friend’s amazing ability to support me was a total reflection of her own inner confidence .

Showing up for me in no way takes away from her own music, her own projects, her own art.

Every time we make the choice to spread kindness and goodness to others instead of comparing and competing, we are adding on goodness to the things we are doing.

There’s so much to celebrate, not just this week, but every day!