Close To You

Hi, friends—It’s been a minute.

This is a sweet and busy time of life for us over here! Lots of playing in the backyard and time outside, reading the same children’s books over and over, meal planning and cooking, and a little recording at night after we put the baby to bed and get the house tidied up.

This is my real life right now, and I’m trying to remind myself that nobody can do it all, that nobody’s got it all together. It’s ok to take things slow, to prioritize what’s essential each day and to try to look for and be present for those golden moments as they come.

I got the chance to record a cover of one of my very favorite classic love songs by the Carpenters. This was my go-to karaoke track when my Grandpa would bust out the karaoke machine. It’s also the song I would listen to first thing every morning while getting ready for the day in high school during my Carpenters-only-on-my-iPod phase.

I hope that you’ll take a moment to pause today and be still, to maybe listen to my acoustic version of ‘Close To You’ (or any song that makes you happy) and just rest for a moment. You deserve that. I do, too.

Happy October. You’ll hear from me again very soon!