Creating Before Consuming

hailey gardiner creating before consuming drinking tea in England

All I want to do right now is sit down with my YA fiction novel and read for a couple of hours.

Is that a terrible way to spend my time? Certainly not!

But I’ve been actively trying to create before I consume each day, and devouring pages of a book about teenage fairies most definitely falls under the category of consuming.

So instead, I decided to create something first. Hence this post.

Create before you consume.

As I’ve mentioned before, I used to kick off my mornings with a healthy dose of instagram; scrolling mindlessly to wake myself up and consuming words, images, and ideas before my brain had time to even acknowledge that I was awake.

Not only is that much less tasty than consuming a delicious breakfast first thing in the morning, but it also totally stunted my ability to be present and creative throughout the rest of the day!

I love the feeling of consciously deciding to use the majority of my time to create, to use my skills and develop myself rather than just consuming.

Here are some other examples of swaps we could make in an effort to create before we consume:

Swap it out:

Are you in the habit of hitting up that Wendy’s drive through a few times a week like I used to be (two crispy chicken sandwiches add tomato, please)? Try creating a wholesome meal from scratch instead!

Are you devoting hours of your day to time on social media? Try setting a time limit on your apps and freeing up space in your life to explore other areas that interest you. Baking. Songwriting. Photography. The sky’s the limit!

Do you always have your headphones in your ears when out in public or while commuting to work or school? Try giving someone a call instead. Engaging in conversation with friends or family members creates trust and closeness in relationships.

Do you often ‘like’ other people’s photos and only dream about taking your own? Instead of hopping on Instagram to look at other people’s work, go out on a hike or into the city and bring your camera along for when inspiration might strike.

Instead of sitting down to listen to music, try creating or writing a song first.

You have so much creative energy inside of you just waiting for the opportunity to manifest itself!

When I choose to prioritize creative moments, my actions align more closely with my true desires. And that feels so great!