Friday Favorites

friday favorites june 2020 hailey gardiner

Happy, happy Friday, everyone!

Can you believe we’re halfway through 2020 already?!

What a wild year it has been.

That being said, I know that no matter how crazy things might feel, there are always good things to be found and celebrated.

Here are a few of those simple things that have brought me joy this past month in the midst of all of the chaos.


For mother’s day, my husband got me this beautiful Promptly Journal for me to record all of the precious memories of this pregnancy and baby’s childhood.

I have absolutely loved filling it out and capturing all of the sweet details of this pregnancy that I’ll want to share with our little boy when he’s older.

Inspiration/What’s Making Me Laugh:

I just recently discovered the pure joy that is Bob Goff.

My sister Mandi had left a box of books in our basement, and since the library was closed, I rummaged through her books and came across Love Does.

I was laughing out loud at some of Bob’s stories…like when he got fired from a restaurant for passing gas.


I found Love Does to be insightful and hilarious and couldn’t put it down!

I’ve since subscribed to his podcast, Dream Big, and listened to a few episodes that I also really enjoyed!


I hadn’t listened to Jacob Whitesides in years, but after my sister Abby posted about his Winter Hurts EP, I gave it a listen and fell in love!

The acoustic production is sparse and super mellow, and as always his vocals are so sincere. I especially love the outro/bridge on “Changing”!

As I mentioned in April’s friday favorites post, I pre-ordered Gone West’s new album, Canyons, months ago, and it was finally released this month!

It was just as magical as I’d hoped it would be! Sunshine in sonic form!

Having harmonized with my sisters for our whole lives, I am a sucker for good harmonies and Gone West’s vocal arrangements are so tight.

Many of the songs on the record have the island vibes that make them the perfect soundtrack for a long drive or an afternoon on the beach. My favorites are “Knew You” and “Tides”.

Go listen now! I promise this album will make you so happy!


Call me a weirdo, but one of my favorite activities is to try new baking ingredients, such as different types of flour, and then fill our fridge with baked goods made with said ingredients as I try new recipes.

My latest forage into obscure flours?


Or as we like to call it in our house, BUCKBEAK FLOUR. 

The buckwheat recipes I’ve tried have been hit or miss…

These blender buckwheat pancakes are my new favorite pancakes EVER! Buckbeak pancakes!

While on the other hand, most of the two dozen buckwheat chocolate chip cookies I made ended up in the trash can after my husband told me they reminded him of eating WET SAND.

HENCE. I would not recommend using flaked sea salt in a buckwheat flour recipe.

If you do, just TRY getting the wet sand image and taste out of your mouth while eating it. Impossible!

Do you have any recipes you love that use buckwheat flour? I also bought a bag of brown rice flour and will have to report on those recipes next month!

What sorts of things have been bringing you joy lately?