Living With Less

A few months ago, my husband and I stayed in this MAGICAL TREEHOUSE!

I’m telling you, this place was straight out of a storybook!

There was something so charming about being up high amongst the branches, secluded and away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the quiet woods.

I know, I know. We will probably never live in a treehouse in the heart of the forest.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t honor my desire to live a simple “treehouse” lifestyle in my own way (minus the outdoor toilet situation. I much prefer indoor plumbing).

Sometimes living with less is the best way to experience more of what we truly value.

More connection.

More intention.

More sunshine and walks outside.

More gratitude.

More contentment.

Here are a few ways I’ve tried to simplify and live with less so I can have more of what matters most to me:

1. Create some empty space in your house.

I love the feeling of empty SPACE.

Sparse, minimal and organized rooms, closets and drawers bring me A GREAT DEAL OF JOY!

Even though we already live pretty minimally, I still love regularly cleaning out our closets and saying goodbye to things so that I can maintain empty spaces and organization in our home.

Now is a great time to sort through your stuff and donate or sell things you don’t need or want anymore!

2. Shop more intentionally. Or don’t shop at all!


Though I still love hunting for a good bargain and making intentional purchases, I am no longer the avid shopper I once was.

I made the decision a couple of months ago to stop shopping at Target and at the mall, because I’d go in looking for one small thing and walk out with a new print for our wall, a pair of shoes, a new stationary set, and a pint of ice cream.

All things I didn’t necessarily need or even want until I saw them.

Except the ice cream, of course. We all need a little Ben and Jerry’s every once in a while.

But most of the time, I felt like I was shopping just to shop. Spending money on things we didn’t necessarily need just because I was out and about.

Instead of falling back into the habit of shopping out of boredom or because my favorite store has a great sale running, I have been trying to take better care of the things I already own and enjoy wearing and styling what’s already in my closet.

I have to catch myself and remind myself that new is not always better.

What I have right now is more than enough!

What if you didn’t add anything new to your house, your closet, or you lifestyle for the next month or two?

Could you still be happy?


And that leads me to my third suggestion…

3. Spend your money on experiences rather than things.

I read an article recently that validated this core value of mine.

Experiences really do bring us longer lasting happiness than things!

Instead of spending your money on things that will clutter up your closet and home, you can intentionally invest in fun and memorable experiences!

My favorite gifts I’ve ever received have been gifts of experience.

Concert tickets, gift cards to a spa, passes to a theme park or even flights to a new city provide memories and sensory experiences that will outlast any item of clothing or piece of home decor you own right now.

Cayden and I love to invest in weekly date nights, games of mini golf, dinner at our favorite restaurants, tickets to a movie or comedy show, or a weekend at a magical treehouse.

We love and value quality time together much more than we value stuff!

And the more quality time we spend together, the happier, healthier, and more connected our marriage feels.

4. Simplify your schedule.

We have been trying to purposefully create a life for our family that provides us with more connection, more time outside, more spiritual experiences, and more peace and contentment.

In order to have more of those things, I’ve had to intentionally choose less screen time, less busy work, less shopping, and less saying yes to things out of guilt or obligation.

Take a minute to think about what you may need to let go of right now or start saying no to so that you can have more of what matters most to you.

5. Practice gratitude.

When we’re actively looking for things to be grateful for, we can have our eyes opened to all of the abundance we already possess!

I had to remind myself the other day after I’d added a cute sweater to my shopping cart that I have one almost just like it hanging in my closet. One that I can wear and love right now!

When we look at what others have and feel that our lives are somehow lacking, we can search for the unique blessings and gifts that we have been given and focus on feeling grateful for those instead.

When I focus on feeling grateful for what I have, I don’t feel the need to add more to my life. It’s easy to see that I have everything that I need to be healthy, happy and content right now, and that’s a beautiful feeling!