My Favorite Podcasts

Are you more of a book reader or a podcast listener?

Though I will always and forever be a page turning book reader, sometimes I like to give my eyes a break and listen to something inspirational instead of reading.

I was talking with a friend the other day who pointed out that podcasts have been around FOREVER, and yet most of us are barely catching on to the wonderful world of podcasts.

I wanted to share a few of my personal favorite podcasts and specific episodes that have inspired me lately.

Live Free Creative with Miranda Anderson

I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE this podcast! I just discovered it a few days ago and have already listened to several episodes and can’t wait to work my way through the rest of them!

Miranda has so much wisdom to share, and I was excited to see that she explores many topics that I’ve been interested in diving into. Her emphasis is on living a fulfilling, intentional and creative life, and I’ve been extremely inspired and uplifted by her already!

Deliciously Ella: The Podcast

I love Ella’s blog and app for her quick and flavorful vegan recipes, and when she started hosting her own podcast alongside her husband, Matt, I was immediately on board!

My favorite episode so far has been this one about lessons in happiness from cultures around the world with Helen Russell.

Her upcoming book, “The Atlas of Happiness” is now at the very top of my reading list after listening to this uplifting and insightful interview.

Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis

If you haven’t heard of Rachel Hollis and the hype around her book “Girl, Wash Your Face”, you better do yourself a quick google and see what everyone is talking about!

I love her straightforward, no nonsense approach to business and life and especially enjoyed this episode, which is a chapter from the audio book version of “Girl, Wash Your Face” entitled “The Lie- I’m Not a Good Writer”, around self-doubt, criticism, and allowing ourselves to create because it makes us happy!

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

I mean…you just can’t go wrong with Oprah. My favorite episodes are her interview with one of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, which you can find here and here

About Progress with Monica Packer

According to Monica, “Life is about progress, not perfection.”

I’ve shared my two favorite episodes from this podcast featuring Dr. Jennifer Finlayson Fife before, but Monica manages to bring great insights into every interview she does!

I always feel inspired and reminded that I’m doing better than I think I am after listening to an episode of her podcast

Food Blogger Pro Podcast.

One of my favorite go-to food blogs for delicious recipes is Pinch of Yum, and I’ve surprisingly found their entrepreneurial focused business podcast to be super helpful even though I don’t necessarily consider myself to be a blogger!

What’s your favorite podcast?

I’d love to hear your recommendations!