On My Bookshelf: Grit

Do you consider yourself to be a gritty person?!

Angela Duckworth’s Grit: The Power of Passion and Perserverance made me think long and hard about where I currently fall on her grit scale vs. where I’d like to be!

My husband heard Angela speak at a work conference a couple of years ago, and was inspired to read her book and learn more.

I finally bought and read it, too, this month and it’s been awesome to have conversations around how much we value grit and building a grit culture in our family!

She dives into the idea that the most successful people do not necessarily achieve their success relying solely on their natural talents, but that they simply have the drive, passion, and stick-to-it-ness that helps them push through adversity.

After finishing this book, I felt so inspired to implement this idea of grit more fully into my life.

Beginning with the end in mind.

Having the stamina to stick with my long term goals, and not quitting on the hardest days.

Choosing something I’m passionate about and honing in on it, know that with time and intentional practice, I can and WILL see improvement.

Cultivating a growth rather than a fixed mindset and realizing that being talented isn’t everything! Diligent, consistent practice and the every day mundane hard work is what actually yields progress.

I love her idea that all of us have amazing potential and can achieve our worthy goals even if we’re not naturally good at something!

I’d highly recommend reading Angela’s book and watching her TED talk!