On My Bookshelf: “More Than Enough”

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know how much I love to remind myself and you that what we have and who we are right now is enough!

Enter this book that discusses just that!

My girl Miranda Anderson from Live Free Creative just released “More Than Enough” – a book documenting her family’s journey over the year they spent not shopping and living more minimally in order to live in alignment with what they truly value most.

Though the Anderson family decided not to shop for unnecessary things for an entire year to accomplish this goal, Miranda outlines many different principles that we can put into place right now that don’t necessarily require us to participate in the same experiment.

I feel inspired to implement practical minimalism more in my life by continuing to practice gratitude for what I already have, to be resourceful and use things with wisdom and wear them out instead of always hunting for something new, and remembering that everything I have already is enough for me to be happy and enjoy my life right now!

I also love Miranda’s Podcast – Live Free Creative– and highly recommend both this book and the podcast to anyone who’s interested in living a more abundant and creative life!